Osama Moharem, Born in Alexandria, Egypt the city of art, who was interested in illustration  from an early age ,increased his interest in painting at the age of eight at Alexandria «Atelier» Art Center. Subsequently, he started a drawing courses. During his high school education, he applied for a Russian culture center. This opportunity has greatly contributed to the development of Osama Moharem outlook on art, which has been a turning point for him. However, he studied Agronomist at Alexandria university while continuing his drawings, This stage was a reinforcement for Osama, because the education in the college was based on drawing what is specific to plants and its relationship to the Egyptian environment and nature. Over the course of 4 years, he did not stop drawing. After graduation, he had an opportunity to work in Alexandria university . He Contributed to The preparation of various books, presentations, infographics posters and drawings where he worked.
After one year, He decided to make everything digitally and he became a self-taught graphic designer and digital printing home business. He worked freelance for awhile and creating his own brand and preparing various products. after specializing in the graphic design He created an opportunity by himself to work in a popular creative agency in his hometown. After working for several agencies, he now works as an independent designer and illustrator.
Love Alexandria
For nine years, I led an initiative to create a city Branding  of Alexandria, under the name " Love Alexandria". In this initiative, a collection of posters, guidebooks, postal cards, Brochure, maps and videos  was designed. In 2018, we won by this designs  that  «Alexandria to host International Council of Museums General Conference in 2022». And we Archived more than 50 old Buildings by Flat design and renovated a demolished buildings of old city of Alexandria.
Plant Pathology science in Plant Pathology, Alexandria University.
DIPLOMA young masters programme in sustainable development the international institute for industrial environmental economics at Lund University, Sweden.
Free hand landscape design 
Faculty of Agriculture unit of ornamentals and environment Beatification, Farsi Center.

2011 - 2014

Pixel Soft, Graphic Designer, Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

2013 - 2015
Tooonme Graphic Studio, Senior graphic designer, Illustrator and art director, Alexandria Egypt.

2015 - 2020
CENTRE D’TUDES ALEXANDRINES, Graphic designer, Illustrator ,art director and exhibitor, Alexandria, Egypt.

2017 - 2019
Alexandria Fine arts Museum, Graphic designer, Alexandria, Egypt.
2015 to Present
PSdigital ,Graphic designer Team leader, Alexandria, Egypt. 
2020 to Present
Nafayes Antiques, Editorial Design and illustrator, Bahrain.
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