New museum piece
The Alawi Dynasty Valuable Jewelry
I am lucky for the third time, I am among the Art Direction of the book at the Nafayes Foundation  by the creative historian Dr. Abdullah Al-Sulaiti , where he excelled in documenting the Alawi Dynasty’s jewelry, and succeeded in documenting the rarest and most famous pieces within this book that documents the Alawi Dynasty through... Their precious ones.
The book was designed from within the series of previous books, and we were keen to revive, draw and design the monograms, use the Amiri and Thuluth Calligraphy, and choose the gold and red colors that were embodied in their notebooks, clothing, badges, etc., so that it would come out to us in its final form. It is as if you are holding a museum in your hands, through which you go on an exciting journey to know the Alawite family.
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